Payroll can be exhausting, complex, dynamic, consuming, litigious...but we love it.

We crunch numbers for breakfast. With our innovative technology, simplicity, experience, and trust, we are able to deliver the highest benefit to you @ the lowest prices.


Welcome to Payroll Geeks. Our unique competitive advantage is your advantage


What we do


Simple, scalable and powerful payroll services built to match your business.



A comprehensive suite of integrated business solutions that reach beyond payroll. 


Accounting professionals across the country partner with SmartPayroll Solutions to provide payroll services to their clients. 


Our Partner Payroll Programs allow you to broaden the services you deliver to attract and retain clients.   

We are different

The payroll industry has been around a long time, so has its same old service providers. While years of experience provides trust (which we have) the market has changed into an opportunity to serve clients better with more features and lower cost pricing due to technology, experience, and innovative thinking.



What seperates us from EVERYONE else


That's right, we communicate and we do it well. Every call, email, live chat, social media post, we are on it



Your and our data is protected by the best servers and encypted ways



Convenient, navigational friendly, and robust. We are always innovating ways to make this even better


Our pricing is clear, simple, and low. No hidden fees, long term contracts, and "got ya's"


SOCIAL SPOT - (don't just take our word for it)

What people are saying...

Ryan R.

Owner, Integrity Valet LLC


PG process is innovative, accurate, stress free. It allows me to focus on higher priority items in my business. One less thing to worry about.

Paul O.

Owner, Orb Health 


Payroll Geeks comes with my highest recommendation. They are an excellent cost effective solution for startups and beyond.

Nate S.

Owner, Infinity Advisory Group


I've worked with other payroll companies for years and the Geeks do 1 (of many) things different: they pickup the call when I call. Simple/needed.

Dan H.

General Manager, Desert Parking LLC


I have a lot of tasks to complete and decisions to make daily. Simple, navigational, technology based platform is a piece of cake.

A couple satisfied clients (100s to be more exact)...

For geeks, we are very social...


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